DC Summers- Artechouse

It’s a hot, humid day when everyone retreats to the museums and now visitors and locals alike can escape the heat while experiencing the world’s most innovative museum, Artechouse. In the basement of an office building in L’Enfant Plaza is a museum that combines art and technology. The exhibits come and go bi-monthly, but the current exhibit is the most child friendly exhibit yet.

Fractual Worlds feels like the set of the movie Avatar. The main gallery invites you into its futuristic, bizarre world with a show of light. As you weave through it, wander to the back. Once there, a museum employee will set you up at a virtual reality station for an even more magical experience. It’s a really good first entry point into virtual reality.

Kids are welcome daily 10am-5pm for a price of $8 if they are under 13 years old. Adults pay $15. If you go for a date night, after 5pm is for adults where you can enjoy a cocktail that lights up with augmented reality with a special smart phone app.

Note: It’s smaller than you think, but still worth a visit.

IMG_0550(Just a few weeks left to visit Fractual Worlds)

IMG_0558(Augmented reality cocktails available after 5pm)

(Art in the side rooms at Artechouse)

IMG_0570(Virtual reality experience in the back)IMG_0603(The main gallery at Artechouse)

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