A Sugar Free August

August means county fairs, Around The World Cultural Food Festival, and ice cream shops opening. Then why the heck did my wife and I decide to give up processed sugar this month? Well, in a attempt to remind myself, I am writing this blog as therapy, a place to turn back to when the sugar temptation is too strong. Here’s why:

  1. I literally run daily so that I can eat sweets without thought. If I run, I can eat anything, right? That flawed strategy may slightly work now, but in ten years, when my metabolism slows down, it will surely fail, taking my body with it. I need to crack my sugar addiction now.
  2. I want to have healthy eating habits for my baby. As she grows and becomes more observant, she will start questioning why I do what I do, including what I eat. Already she wants what mom and papa are eating and we must set a good example.
  3. We limit our baby’s sugar in take. Not in an obsessive way, but in a cautious way. On occasion, we give her a bite of ice cream or another sweet treat, but she is already used to non-sweetened yogurt and foods so why break that now? If we limit her sugar intake, why wouldn’t we limit for us too?
  4. Weeding out processed sugar should make us more healthy, energetic, and able to keep up with a little girl who won’t stop for anything. I want to always be able to keep up so we both can enjoy this world. That means making sure I have a healthy relationship with food and sugar.


These reasons make sense to me….on a good day…and feel like nonsense on a bad one. I miss my morning sugar and cream with a side of coffee and my chocolate chip muffin. That cookie in the afternoon in the work kitchen is too hard to resist. That’s when I’ll read this blog again and again.

We’re only seven days in, but I am learning to appreciate some of the sugar free snacks Addy eats for myself. My favorites so far areĀ RETHINK Kids Water and KIND Snacks.


RETHINK is the only sugar free, calorie free, and sodium free kids drinks in the market. It’s simply filtered water and a tad of fruit juice, but it’s perfectly refreshing. Kids consume almost ten gallons of sugar annually and this company is fighting that, not just for kids, but for their parents too (I’m an example of that since I keep stealing Addy’s drinks!).

KIND Snacks has a “pressed” line of fruit and chia bars. That’s it. Fruit and chia, no sugar. Mango, apple, and chia and strawberry and apple are our house’s favorite. When I crave a Snickers bar, I grab one of these instead.

Twenty-four days remain so here’s to drinking more RETHINK boxes and KIND pressed bars…and re-reading this blog.