DC Summers- Fun House DC


If you live in the city and check Instagram daily, you may be ready to through your iPhone out the window if you see another photo of one of your friends swimming in a giant, white ball pit. Trust me. Your feelings are valid, but please refrain for the sake of your children because #FunHouseDC really is one of the best things to do in Washington, D.C. this summer (the exhibit opened July 4 and ends September 3).

Here’s why:

  • The exhibit includes a giant white house with a few things children will love (at least my daughter did):
    • A giant marble set that will keep them occupied for an hour (well, not quite, but close).
    • A not-so-secret passage way into another room.
    • A room with white ribbons hanging from the ceiling. My daughter loved to twirl around in this room while the ribbons tickled her face.
    • A crazy mirror.
    • A bathtub full of white plastic balls (think Chuck E Cheese).
  • Off to the side from the white house is a ping pong table.
  • In the back, there’s  giant cushions stacked high. Kids love it; parents do not (it will force you to keep an eye on your kids like a hawk so they don’t fall off the high cushions).
  • The attraction your children will squeal over are the two pools in the backyard filled with white plastic balls. The smaller pool is shallow and great for children under three. For older kids, the big pool is the big hit (keep a hold on your wallet and keys).
  • If you’re looking for a great backdrop for your kid’s next photo shoot, the white hut by the pools emotes perfect light.

If you’re not convinced yet, here are a few photos to entice you to pay the $16 entrance fee (for adults; children ages 3-17 pay $13 and under that are free). Another option is wait to get in for free on DC Ward Days.

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