DC Summers- Solid State Books


Last week, I posted about highlighting my favorite summer adventures with kids. Since it poured rain today and is predicted to pick up again for the next few days, here’s an indoor adventure- Solid State Books. After a long wait, it recently opened on H Street NE in the Apollo Building near Union Station.

After wandering through the store, it’s the best bookstore I’ve seen in DC that caters to both children and adults. In the very back is a large kids section full of books and soft things to sit on. If it couldn’t get any cooler, they designed the bookshelves with passage ways for kids (and kid like adults) to crawl through.



For events, they have readings and even music time for children (all events can be found here). Mixed in are events for adults with top authors. As your kids squeal in the kid zone, parents can b-line to the coffee bar to order a latte powered by Baltimore roastery, Ceremony Coffee.


So, when it storms every day for days on end this summer, head over to DC’s newest bookstore for kids and adults.

IMG_8133 (1).JPG

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