Bridging The Gap Between Parent And Kid

I stopped at one hundred. After hearing multiple friends brag their city is “the best city to raise a family” in the United States of America, I needed to know the facts. Google pulled up dozens of lists from this year alone. 1, 2, 3, 20, 50, 100…Seriously, I couldn’t do it any more. It made me think, “If hundreds of cities have the same crown, does the crown mean something?”

Titles aside, I wouldn’t want to live in a city deemed best to raise a family. It’s code for suburban, lack of diversity, meat and potato restaurants only, and lots and lots of small museums for children. No thanks.

I’ll side with bestselling author, Tim Keller, and raise my child in the city (Tim Keller’s talk about raising kids in a city is gold). As the transplants stay in Washington, DC and have children, the city know for its college like lifestyle is blending family activities with the single life. That means more and more attractions are popping up catering to child AND parent.

The newly reopened West End Library (near Foggy Bottom) proves it. As the books, free wifi, and open seating attracts a college crowd and the beautifully designed building is an allure to photographers, the library has a surprisingly large kids area complete with a play area, reading nook, outdoor patio, and of course, books for any age.

College student is happy. Photographer is happy. Child is happy. What about Mom and Dad? Enter Bluestone Lane. It’s an Australian lifestyle inspired coffee shop from Manhattan. It’s built INTO the West End Library and may very well become DC’s most popular coffee shop. As your kid plays, you can sip on a world class latte. Yep, I’ll stick to raising my child in Washington, DC.

Bluestone Lane says they will open by the end of this December, but the West End Library staff secretly advise to expect it mid-January. Here are some photos of the West End Library:








IMG_0712 (1).JPG

IMG_0718 (1).JPG

IMG_0720 (1).JPG

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