Confession: A Kick In The Butt

I have a confession. After hearing horror story after horror story about kids changing your life, having baby Addy was less of a shock than I feared. Don’t get me wrong. We had a few rough days and a handful of crushing nights, but overall it was an easier transition. That is until we threw renovating a house into the mix.

Within weeks of each other, the following happened: 1) We found out our house renovation project was delayed forcing us out of our rental and into Airbnb after Airbnb, 2) Work became more and more busy with end of the year, and 3) My wife got on a project in Baltimore nudging me to be a single parent during the week doing drop off and pick up. Each of these things don’t seem big in isolation, but all together…wow…I am still tired thinking about it.

That said, my mental, emotion, and physical capacity are low and regular routines that bring life like blogging, exploring, and working out faded. Now you know why I haven’t updated this in a month (#embarrasing). Now we’re moved in and slowly (oh, very slowly) unpacking, a few routines are coming back to life.

It’s harder for me to do, but we are trying to be grateful (gratitude is sadly a dying art). Yes, we’re in a stressful season, but it’s because of good things. We are able to buy a house. We have jobs we like. We have a daughter we love.

We’re grateful still live in a city that provided endless opportunities to meet new people and explore. The intensity of this season forced us out a few times. We took Addy to her first and last game at the RFK Stadium (they are tearing it down). Addy came alive and loved the soccer and noise, surprising her parents.


(Addy enjoying her first and last soccer game at RFK Stadium)


(The final game played at the historic RFK Stadium)

The District Wharf opened and we made the mistake of going opening weekend. A mistake because of the crowds, but the bigger mistake was driving. It took awhile to find cheaper parking, but alas, we did and explored the new development.


(Walking through the old Wharf, and still our favorite, into the new)


(Around the corner from Shake Shack, there’s two animal murals kids will love)



(Life size Scrabble boards during opening weekend at the District Wharf)


(Permanent bonfire at the end of the pier at the newly opened District Wharf)

I started this blog with a confession and end it with a commitment. A new found goal of updating the blog more regularly. Here’s to that!



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