Stumbling Upon Folger Shakespeare Library

image1 (26).JPG

Knowing a neighborhood well can be a double edged sword. On one hand, you have an area that makes you feel known. On the other hand, it can become so routine that you stop seeing. Even after many early morning walks exploring with Addy, parts of Capitol Hill feel too mundane and I began to take it for granted. Almost every day, I either walk or run by the beautiful building that houses the Folger Shakespeare Library never once going inside.

That changed wen I noticed my seven month old baby staring at the beautiful, brightly white building as we strolled by. It’s as if she knew it was one of the last spots in the neighborhood we had to explore. We walked up the stairs and were greeted by a friendly woman who gave us a quick tour before she set us off to explore on our own.

Although small, it turns out the museum is very kid friendly and a great place to spend an hour before dining in nearby Barracks Row. Here are all the kid friendly ways to experience the library, which happens to be the world’s largest Shakespeare collection:

IMG_3210.JPGThe exhibit starts with a rack of Shakespeare inspired books most for which are kids’ books.


As you walk through the exhibit, you’ll notice a well kept prop box full of clean props including hats, vests, and swords.


Once your kid is all dressed up, head over to the frame and snap some photos!


Enjoy the art both old…

IMG_3214.JPG..and new.


Notice the coloring books and colored pencils throughout the exhibit.


There’s more than one book to draw in.


Admire the sculptures along the way.


Peek into the theater in the back modeled after the London’s Globe Theater.


Grab a comfortable chair and take a break.


Finish off the museum exploring the small interactive exhibit and take note to come back Saturday at noon to tour the Reading Room. It’s beautiful and a true hidden gem of Washington, DC.

You can easily kill an hour of fun, learning, and friendly faces at this FREE museum/library.



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