Hirshhorn: Unrealized Projects


The Hirshhorn is one of the more kid-friendly museums in DC regularly offering programs for kids like their weekly story time. They often imagine exhibits that bridge the gap (and attention span) of kids and their art loving parents. Their newest exhibit “The Utopian Projects”  has the same goal.


On Wednesday, I attended a media preview of the exhibit with a few other local DC area parents. Beyond trying to take the perfect Instagram photo, our goal was to see the exhibit through the eyes of our kids. As we wandered around the floor, a few pieces stuck out. The concept is this- unrealized projects including models of monuments and projects unrealized.


Models of grand libraries and memorials drew in the adults, but there were a few pieces that kids would love. There’s a pirate ship. There’s a wooden mill that actually churns water (The museum turns it on at 1PM daily).


It’s a smaller exhibit and only takes thirty minutes to wander. I will note that the art is raised high and it may take more fighting to keep your kids’ attention. If enjoying the exhibit is your own unrealized project, go downstairs to the “My Mommy Is Beautiful” wall and grab coffee at the Dolcezza pop up.



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