A Baby’s Guide To The National Gallery Of Art

Who knew The National Gallery of Art would be a hot destination for adults, kids, AND babies? They host “Evenings at the Edge” monthly for adults and have regular activities for kids. But what about babies? Turns out they don’t need programming. The exhibits themselves are enough to entertain your baby.

Mu six month old and I decided to take an hour lunch break at The Gallery recently and her eyes were wide with curiosity and wonder. Here’s the “baby approved” sections of the museum:


Skip the West Building (turns out old art just isn’t babies’ thing) and head straight to the concourse level to the light tunnel (pictured above). The lights flash on and off as you ride the moving sidewalk into the East Gallery.


Once in the concourse level of the East Building, find every exhibit with bright lights like this “Sweet” sign. Around the corner is an equally bright “America” sign your baby will love to stare at.


Also on the concourse level you can find a small room full or large, brightly painted pieces with numbers and letters (It’s never too early to teach your baby the alphabet).

IMG_1002 (1).JPG


Walk up the stairs to the ground level and then up one more level to the mezzanine level. There you’ll find a seating area looking at the West Building and to the left is a fun mirror any baby will giggle at.



image1 (22).JPG

The mezzanine and the upper level have several exhibits with brightly painted modern art. The brighter the better. My baby even liked the art pieces using two or three solid colors.

IMG_1085 (1).JPG


The baby’s grand finale was the trek up to the tower level. As we spun the spiral staircase, the combination of glass and light keep hey eyes wide open. Once in the tower and outside on the rooftop, the giant blue rooster made her entire head tilt up for minutes taking it in. The blue rooster that happens to be one of the most Instagrammed spots in DC is also a favorite for DC’s babies.


Our entire adventure only took an hour (The Gallery is free so there’s no pressure to get your money’s worth- you can always go back!) and she was ready for a long nap once we got home dreaming of all the lights and bright colors we just saw.

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