Weekend Guide: DC Coffee Shops Open BEFORE 7:30AM

Yesterday my daughter turned six month and today (Sunday) she woke up at 5:45AM ready to start the day (When do they start sleeping in?!). Forcing my tired butt out of bed at an ungodly hour, instilled in me a strong entitlement for good coffee. If I am going to be up with my baby on a weekend, I deserve several cups of expensive, strong coffee and a darn good chocolate croissant! I strapped on the Baby Bjorn and we were on our way by 6:15AM.


As I strolled the streets of Capitol Hill on a mission, I noticed the only other people up were parents of babies and dogs. By the shadows under their eyes, they were in need of a much deserved cup of joe. I passed Eastern Market and all my favorite coffee shops’ hours of operations depressingly stated they opened at 8AM. Clearly, they aren’t parents.

As a local DC resident who is a Yelp Elite (That’s another story for another time), I try to avoid chains and any restaurant that has less than three stars on Yelp (I know…it’s so snobby and I am not proud of it). Turns out on all of Capitol Hill there are only three coffee shops open at 7AM on a Sunday and none fit my criteria. However, on this early morning, they were heaven. As I left, Firehook Bakery with an extra large latte and chocolate croissant, I was happy. Even as I walked back home trying to sip my latte without my baby grabbing the cup, I was content.

Being only six months into fatherhood, I suspect many, many, many more early mornings in my future so I did some research and made a list of coffee shops in DC by neighborhood open by 7AM on a weekend (Most open earlier during the work week). One ground rule: I only include coffee shops or bakeries that do not have table service. Going to a restaurant super early with an antsy baby is a whole different beast. I’m sticking to grab-n-go coffee shops.  This is an evolving list so please add a comment with other coffee shops you know of and in which neighborhoods. Here’s the list:

Adams Morgan: 2

Anacostia: 0

Chevy Chase: 1

Chinatown: 2

Cleveland Park: 1

Columbia Heights: 3

Downtown: 5

Dupont: 6

Eastern Market: 3

Fairlawn: 0

Georgetown: 2

H Street NE: 5

Hill East: 0

Le Driot Park: 1

Logan Circle:  2

Mt Pleasant: 0

Mt Vernon Square: 1

Navy Yard: 2

Noma: 3

Park View: 0

Penn Quarter: 1


Shaw: 3


U Street:

West End:

Woodley Park:

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