Hive DC- Keeping DC Cool For Adults And Kids

America’s “coolest city” isn’t really cool until it feels so to both adults AND kids. DC is cool to adults with its beer gardens, paddle boarding and even a trapeze school, but The National Building Museum makes it cool for kids (and adults!).  In 2015, the museum brought Beach DC, a giant ball pit filled with nearly 1 million translucent plastic balls, and in 2016, giant icebergs took over the museum. Hive DC is this year’s adult-kid playground.

image1 (13).JPG

Designed by Studio Gang, a New York City and Chicago based architecture and urban design firm, the Hive DC looks like three giant beehives (at 56.5 feet, it’s the museum’s tallest exhibit ever). After you pay a fee ($16 for adults, $13 for students and seniors, and $5 for kids three and up), you walk into the first silver-magenta beehive (It looks like a forest clearing!). You’re met with a design masterpiece of sight and sound. After you put your phone down from taking photos, you’ll notice the handful of chimes you can pull to create a chorus (Imagine what it will sound like when fifty kids are all pulling the chimes at once).


The exhibit won’t take you very long to get through, but what’s impressive is its workers put in 2,100 hours in just three weeks to create Hive DC. In that short time, 2,551 wound paper tubes (all recyclable and renewable) were created expanding 1.3 miles weighing just under 73,000 pounds. To get your money’s worth, take the elevator to the top of the museum and get that Instagram worthy shot from above looking down.


Once again, The Building Museum proves they are leading the city in design and innovation inviting both adults and kids to play in their newest summer exhibit.

image1 (12).JPG

Hive DC opens July 4th and ends September 4th. Throughout the summer, the museums will put on special programming and each Ward gets free admission on a designated day.

image2 (1).JPG


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