A Call For Your Best Advice

14268996_339526739738179_6693294879675514880_n(Introducing two good friends, Carolyn and Justin, to my friend Isaac of The Fray)

When I was a scared crap-less dad-to-be a few months ago, I asked every person I knew, saw, and met for their best parenting advice. You didn’t even have to be a parent. I still asked you for the best advice just because at least one parent or parent figure raised you (For the most part). I also asked toddlers and kids for their best parenting advice.

In a former life, I managed a non-profit’s relationships with celebrities and musicians. One of these musicians came to DC and invited me to his concert at the Filmore in Silver Spring. As we were catching up backstage, I asked him for his best dad advice. “My best advice is to not take any advice.” Taking his advice, I will NOT take his advice and ask all of you for advice.

My daughter turned five months old yesterday. Now that we’re more settled into parent life, what is YOUR best parenting advice? I’ll gather the best advice in a future blog post. I believe we all become stronger as we guide each other and I’m asking each of you to guide me.

So there you have it: What’s your best parenting advice from raising kids or being raised by a parent?

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