Top 5 DC Places to Take Your Baby

One of my favorite bloggers not just in DC, but in the entire USA, is DC With Kids run by my friend, Tina. Every day she goes out into DC and explores the city with her toddler. She’s not held back by parenthood and lives life to the fullest with her child. It’s so inspiring!

Her blog inspired me to gather a round up of my five favorite stress- free places to bring your baby to in DC. Here’s the list:


  • #5: Union Market
    • Built on the site of DC’s oldest market, Union Market is a gathering place for yuppies, hipsters, and now new parents. It’s one large building with dozens of food and drink stands. It’s bustling on the weekends and its one of the few places in DC that yuppies won’t roll their eyes at your baby. Grab a breakfast biscuit from Mason Dixie and a latte from Peregrine and feel cool again as you dine at one of DC’s most popular spots. Pro-tip: After breakfast, go around the building to the street art for the perfect backdrop to a baby photo shoot.


  • #4: Kingman Island 
    • Strap on that ErgoBaby and take a hike in the middle of the city. Located in the parking lot of DC United’s RFK Stadium, you’ll cross a wooden bridge onto this small island in the Anacostia River. Walk around the island enjoying an escape from city life, the diverse wildlife, and graffiti art under the highway that crosses the island.


  • #3: Eastern Market
    • Known for the farmers market on the weekends, Eastern Market is a gathering place for parents during the week. The actual Eastern Market building hosts a wide range of events for babies and kids from story time to music classes. Just outside the building, moms exercise with their babies through Stroller Strides. To top it off, several coffee shops and excellent lunch spots are nearby for parents to enjoy some quiet time or catch up with a friend. My recommendations: Peregrine, Seventh Hill Pizza, and Market Lunch.

IMG_5823 (1)

  • #2: Yards Park
    • Along the waterfront of the Anacostia River, a handful of restaurants, coffee shops, and even an ice cream shop have opened nearby. In the summers, families head down to the boardwalk for live music, taco stands, and some fun. During the summers, the weekends bring a crowd of babies staying cool in the spray areas.


  • #1: Lincoln Park
    • If you need a perfect outdoor spot for your baby’s first birthday, head to Lincoln Park on Capitol Hill. Grab a corner of this urban park, set up a table, decorate the nearby trees, and invite all your friends (You don’t need a permit- it’s free!). Your baby (Well, mainly you) will love it! It’s a park that encompasses all of DC- young professionals reading their books, athletes running in their Nike shoes, the elderly playing with their dogs, and young families chasing after their kids. As your baby gets older, you’ll be back to use the two playgrounds in the park.

As more families stay in the city, baby friendly places are popping up all over DC. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite spots!




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