Third Wheel Dating

Yes, my wife and I are one of those couples who go on a weekly date. Call us cheesy, but as two extroverts whose calendars fill up quickly, we need a night blocked off so we can connect. It also gives us an excuse to try the newest restaurant in DC or a gala at a museum.


(My beautiful wife on one of our post-baby date nights)

Once our daughter was born, we decided to NOT lose date nights. Four months in, date nights can be logistically challenging, but still doable and important (After all, the research shows healthy marriages help your child feel secure and safe). It just looks different. We now go on what we call “third wheel dating,” but rather than an awkward friend as a third wheel, it’s our baby. Here’s our new post-baby date night system:

  • Two dates a month are chill dates meaning we do whatever we feel like it in the moment. This can include:
    • Grabbing happy hour with our baby in hand.
    • Walking to the park.
    • Cooking dinner together.
    • Catching up on Law and Order SVU.
  • One date a month we make reservations at a baby friendly, chill restaurant and bring our daughter along. A few favorites:

IMG_5823 (1).JPG

(Navy Yard’s Yards Park is a great date night to grab a drink at one of the waterfront restaurants and enjoy the boardwalk)

  • One date a month we splurge on a babysitter (Thank you, and go out to a fancier dinner or one of the many DC events. Here are our recent favorites:


(Our first “going out” date night to Washingtonian’s Best of DC gala at the Building Museum.

With this baby friendly system, we’re learning the art of third wheel dating and feel relieved we can still go on dates. It also forces us to get out and experience the city we love!


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