Texas: Baby’s Third Trip

After six flights with a newborn baby, we now know the secret to sitting by yourself on a Southwest flight. It’s actually comical watching people’s faces scan each row looking for the least inconvenient seat. Their eyes lock with yours and before you can smile, a look of disgust comes over them as they notice your baby. Jackpot!


(New strategy: Putting baby to sleep in the Ergo by walking around in the airport before boarding)

After flying to Texas with a row to ourselves, we were ready to take Houston and Austin by storm a family of three. With our trusty travel car seat in hand, we took an Uber from the Houston airport to Cypress to stay with dear friends on a lake. We water skiied, ate good tacos, and just hung out. All easy to do with a baby.

We then took Megabus from Houston to Austin since our baby still hates car seats. Two and half hours later, we were in Austin ready to explore. We stayed in a two bedroom Airbnb just over the river from downtown Austin and just a few blocks walk from South Congress.

The weather was pleasant so we were able to take our baby in the Ergo on long walks. Here are a few of our favorite spots:

  • South Congress Trailer Park and Eatery:
    • It’s an indoor and outdoor area with several top food trucks like the famous Torphy’s Tacos.
  • Flagship Whole Foods Market:
    • If you need an area to walk with AC, head to the first Whole Foods store. It’s massive with several restaurants inside.
  • Texas State Capital:
    • There are several gardens around the property with miniature statues of famous landmarks around the US like the Statue of Liberty.
  • Rainey Street Bars:
    • A cluster of old homes now converted into good bars and restaurants. Find a babysitter on UrbanSitter.com or take baby with you!

Texas completes our baby’s third trip and longest flight. What adventure is next? Any recommendations?


(Amazing shrimp tacos at Torhpy’s in the South Congress Trailer Park and Eatery)



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