Welcome Baskets for Family

Like many new parents in Washington, DC, our families live far away (Seattle and Grand Rapids, Michigan). That means when baby comes, our small row house will be infiltrated with family. We already live in a row house with two other friends (More on community living to come in a future blog post) and the five of us will continue living together once baby comes. That means one family visitor totals our house to six bodies.

Don’t get me wrong. We appreciate the help and love our families. However, after two weeks of all of us in a DC row house, we’ll all need a little break. With that in mind and the spirit of hospitality, my wife created these fun welcome baskets for each of our visitors. It gave us something to do as we wait for baby to arrive and was cost effective.


Here’s what’s inside:

  • A welcome letter from us with a guide to DC I created.
  • Extra house keys and keys to our car.
  • A Capital Bikeshare fob for exploring DC.
  • A DC Metro pocket guide (Free at any Metro Station).
  • Boutique shampoos, conditioner, and soaps.
  • Earplugs (Buy them in bulk at Target).
  • Luffa.
  • Conscious snacks like KIND Bars, Fair Trade Certified Bark Thins, Organic and Fair Trade Certified Honest Tea (Fact: It’s a DC area brand!), and Archer Farms trail mix.
  • Basket from Target.

These welcome baskets killed two birds with one stone: It’s a token of hospitality and gratitude to our family AND it gives them permission to sneak away and explore DC.

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