A day at the circus

Circuses forever changed when Cirque du Soleil shook up the industry. Many closed their doors, but not Big Apple Circus. Rather than go out of business, they reinvented how old-school circus is designed borrowing elements from Cirque du Soleil. Ringmaster Stephanie Monseu creates a magical experience making kids want to join the circus again. Little … More A day at the circus

On Giving Up Sugar

Disclaimer: This blog is therapy for me, creating a list of things I am looking forward to eating when I add sugar back into my diet. It may cause you to go on a sugar binge. You’ve been warned.¬† We haven’t given Addy sugar yet. She’s 19 months old tomorrow. We aren’t doing it to … More On Giving Up Sugar

DC Summers- Artechouse

It’s a hot, humid day when everyone retreats to the museums and now visitors and locals alike can escape the heat while experiencing the world’s most innovative museum, Artechouse. In the basement of an office building in L’Enfant Plaza is a museum that combines art and technology. The exhibits come and go bi-monthly, but the … More DC Summers- Artechouse

A Sugar Free August

August means county fairs, Around The World Cultural Food Festival, and ice cream shops opening. Then why the heck did my wife and I decide to give up processed sugar this month? Well, in a attempt to remind myself, I am writing this blog as therapy, a place to turn back to when the sugar … More A Sugar Free August

Why I’m raising my daughter in a city

In the 1950s, families started fleeing American cities launching a strong suburban culture that still exists today. We see it happen in Washington, D.C. The transplant narrative goes like this-¬†move to the city ripe with ambition, happy hour through your twenties, maybe settle down with a special someone in your thirties, flee to the suburbs … More Why I’m raising my daughter in a city